The Monica Leigh Collection

What Inspires Monica Leigh

Inspired by natural beauty, sublime light, and lustrous metals, the Collection invokes the senses with creativity, verve, and a hint of the Avant Garde. The inspiration for Monica Leigh started with the desire to break old traditions - enabling us to create and elevate the new. Visions of style unfold in luminous detail, while rich personality emerges into each piece. Our Muse inspires the feeling of luxurious comfort, handsome design and elegance in the natural drape of the folds of the fabric itself. The Monica Leigh Collection is produced at California New Work in Los Angeles. Designed and constructed with pure imagination to enhance the ultimate in Personal Renaissance, Love and Prosperity in the Modern World.

What Monica Leigh Represents

Monica is a resilient veteran and trusted visionary of the fashion industry. She has designed and produced for celebrities and executives and has worked with some of the most well-known and powerful leaders and labels in the fashion industry. Utilizing her core competencies and talents developed over almost two decades, Monica has captured development and refined proprietary workflows, costing methods, pattern artistry, draping instincts and translation abilities which have made her desirable to work with and work for. Without question, Monica Leigh Rodriquez and her staff are some of the best in the business. Their core competencies, collective talents and hard-to-find levels of skill have all been successfully applied to not only other brands and designers, but these elevated creative and technical methods and the intense focus on quality with integrity and ethics all set CNW apart – and can be applied to our own internal brand – diversifying the company’s ability to generate cashflow and higher profit margins.The focus on elevated designs, precise and perfect pattern making, fit, great technical standards, cutting, sewing and delivery – all at the right price, the right customer and right brand was the business model. Monica’s vision is to create and promote the daily convergence of beauty, sophistication, detail and edge. Produced entirely in-house, this modern contemporary / luxury line of products includes the design, product development, production and retail placement of affluent modern novelty jackets, dresses, gowns and creative upper body tops and skirts for women.

Who is Monica Leigh

Monica is a strong leader, guiding her team positively and upholding excellence, consistency, fairness, brand aesthetic and brand quality. Monica wanted to do things differently than what she experienced in the corporate world and desired to make some changes for herself and the industry by bringing her own culture and philosophy to her own company and team. Passionately and aggressively kicking off California New Work, LLC initially with a partner, Monica shouldered the costly expenses and responsibilities of starting a new apparel company, producing and delivering two higher volume and profitable collections into exclusive boutiques and museums and reinvesting operating profits back into the company to gain further traction and momentum. The philosophical mission was to set aside archaic thinking, move away from the convoluted set of rules and a general disregard for people – and focus on the craft of apparel and treating people with respect while doing so.

This collection is Monica’s exclusive, signature collection featuring the most concentrated talent and skill Monica has to offer. Monica Leigh Rodriquez is highly respected across the landscape of the apparel industry – on the creative side and the corporate side. Her reputation is stellar as is the overall collective reputation of her company.

She is known for her immense skill, commitment to perfection, honesty, integrity, business acumen and transparent business practices, her loyal staff and unwavering commitment to her clients every step of the way. Monica continues to exceed her clients’ expectations because every project, every collection, every garment that moves through the pipeline at California New Work is given full and intense attention. Every detail is addressed. One of the most notable components of Monica’s policies and procedures is that if something doesn’t come out the way the client desired, it is scrutinized, discussed, examined and always positively rectified.

"Monica Leigh is a genuine reflection of my inner creativity and emotion. In its design lines, detail, and feeling, The Monica Leigh Collection captures the complexity of the dark romantic light."


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